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Technology Assistance

Everyday life has become increasingly entangled with the world of computers.   As this entanglement has progressed the computer disciplines have fragmented into smaller and smaller groups of technologists with specialized knowledge.   Now the operation and maintenance of even the home system requires a programmer, a hardware technician, communication specialist and network engineers.   This complexity has created a need for the multiple discipline consultant, the jack-of-all-trades.   Our lead consultant has achieved a high level of expertise in all of these arenas.  


  • Do you need custom programming?  We can design and implement it on the platform of your choice.
  • Do you need a network?   We can design and implement it.
  • Do you need a web site? We can design and implement it.

Data Conversions    

Tired of that old software package, but you don't want to part with all your data.  All of that history is important to you, so don't lose it.  Get your data converted!  


Full Charge Bookkeeping

BOOKKEEPING SERVICES for small & home-based businesses

QuickBooks Set-Up

Monthly Bookkeeping Quarterly/Year-End Reporting · Invoicing · A/R & A/P · Bill Payment · Bank Reconciliation · Financial Statements · Payroll/Payroll Tax Returns · W-2’s and 1099’s

Dollars and Sense provides bookkeeping services tailored to the needs of small businesses. Many businesses have a part-time bookkeeper on staff, but most small businesses do not require the services of a full accounting department. Why pay the increasing overhead associated with "employing" a bookkeeper??

Hire Dollars and Sense and eliminate:

Salary Expenses · Employee and Dependent Benefits · Worker's Compensation Coverage Employer Payroll Taxes · Retirement/Profit Sharing Contributions · Vacation and Sick-Leave Pay